What sets Canvas apart from other coworking spaces?

Canvas is more than a desk in an office. It’s a creative coworking community. We emphasize collaboration and interaction above all else. We want everyone here to feel like they are a part of something bigger.

Does Canvas have private offices?

We have several private call rooms and a pair of conference rooms, but all of our desks are located in open spaces. It helps boost that whole “togetherness” thing.

What kinds of membership packages do you offer?

We offer a variety of membership packages, all of which can be found on our Amenities & Pricing page.

What does a membership at Canvas include?

Membership includes all kinds of benefits and perks—free coffee, monthly parties, all the bubbly LaCroix you can drink. You get the idea. A full list of our amenities can be found on our Amenities & Pricing page.

How do I schedule a tour?

You can either call us at 202-450-5196, email us at info@canvasco.work, or use the scheduling portal on our website. We ask that all tours of Canvas be scheduled in advance in order to make sure that we are prepared to give you the best first impression possible.

When can I start my membership?

Whenever works for you works for us. If you’d like to begin a membership in the middle of the month, your rate for the first month would be pro-rated based on your start day.

What if I want to start a membership on a future date?

We’re not sure why you’d want to delay your entry into a whole new world of awesome, BUT if you want to start on a future date, just let our community manager know. We can’t always guarantee there will be an availability, but we will do everything we can to accommodate your request.

What are your building hours?

Our building hours are 8am–6pm, Monday–Friday. Our elevators are locked on the weekends and evenings, but any member with a Dedicated or Full membership will receive a keycard that offers 24/7 access.

Are you a dog-friendly workspace?

We love dogs! You are certainly invited to bring your furry friend to work, we ask only that you give a friendly heads-up to other community members when you do so.

What is your printing policy?

Print away! We have free color printing here at Canvas with all memberships.

How do I reserve the conference room?

Members receive access to the conference room calendar. We also have the calendar available via an iPad at the front desk.

Is there a way to stay in contact and network with other members at Canvas?

All Dedicated, Full & Flex Community members will be invited to our Canvas Slack channel, so you can stay in touch with all of your fellow members between our monthly happy hours.

So… what the heck is “HZ”?

Canvas is owned by an integrated advertising agency called HZ. They are based out of Rockville, MD, and they’re really awesome. You can learn more about them here, if you choose.

What does HZ owning Canvas mean to the Canvas community?

Canvas is Canvas and HZ is HZ. They operate as two separate things. Some HZers use the space just like any other member of the Canvas community, but that’s all, really.

Now that I’m at the bottom of the FAQ page, what should I do?

Seems like a pretty good time to schedule one of those tours we were talking about earlier, yeah? Drop a line!